m.k. Telecom

Our Services

What we offer...

m.k. Telecom provide full installation and maintenance-repair of base stations for standard and mobile telephony, radio and television stations and their support with latest technology precision instruments.

Our Personnel

Our skilled and experienced staff of our company has the certification: "SAFE WORK AT TELECOMMUNICATIONS PILLARS", including the appropriate equipment.

The total number of our staff is 15 persons of various specialties (electronic engineers, electricians, enaerites, industrial computer engineers).

Our staff is working 24 hours a day at all prefectures of Crete, even at the most extreme conditions (snow, hail, rain, etc.) in order to carry out all entrusted tasks.


Our company is equipped with instruments and tools, that are required to consistent and professional cover the needs of our customers.


For the quick and effective service of our customers, our company has 13 vehicles, suitable for all weather conditions. It also has an ATV for access to inaccessible areas and for situations that adverse weather conditions prevaile (snow, ice, flooding) and the access by any other vehicle is impossible. The vehicle fleet is constantly renewed.